Bosch 11335k Jack Breaker Hammer Review

Jackhammers can be easily recognizable by almost anyone. Jackhammers like the Bosch 11335k Jack Breaker Hammer is powerful tools, extremely large, heavy, and fairly noisy. They can be pretty intimidating if you haven’t utilized one before.

You might be thinking that selecting the right jackhammer is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re searching for a powerful and reliable jackhammer and you don’t mind the high price tag, then you might want to check out the Bosch 11335k Jack Breaker Hammer.

Bosch 11335k Jack Breaker Hammer Review
Bosch 11335k Jack Breaker Hammer Review

Bosch Jack Hammer Drill Overview.


  • Service Minderbrush system
  • Vibration control shock-absorbing top handle
  • 360° Articulating Auxiliary Handle
  • All-metal housing


Service Minderbrush system

It has an inline design, as well as a rotating auxiliary handle and these features enable you to make use of it in vertical, horizontal, and angled operations with ease. Moreover, this 1-1/8-Inch Jack Hammer is fitted with a Service Minderbrush system that automatically shuts the system down whenever it has to be maintained.

The gearbox and hammer are grease-packed for simpler and smoother movement. The 35-pound 1-1/8-Inch Bosch 11335K Jack Breaker Hammer consists of an impact force of 34 ft-lbs and a powerful 1750 Watt motor.

It sports the highest removal rate in its class—up to 50% faster and for Pros wanting to remove lots of material without the vibration, this tool gets you where you need to go.


Vibration control shock-absorbing top handle

The Bosch 11335k Jack Breaker Hammer also features an exclusive active vibration control shock-absorbing top handle and it minimizes vibration by up to 40% versus the competition.

The Bosch HS2164 20 In. 3 In. Chisel 1-1/8 In. Hex Hammer Steel and the Bosch HS2164 20 In. 3 In. Chisel 1-1/8 In. Hex Hammer Steel also works perfectly for demolition.

It offers user comfort for those long workdays and an in-line design delivers multiple grip positions for maximum performance in angled, horizontal, and vertical applications.

This Bosch concrete jackhammer also includes a pointed chisel, a hard plastic carrying case with wheels, and a grease tube.


360° Articulating Auxiliary Handle

Also, it provides a large main handle for increased control and handling and a well-positioned lock-on switch allows you to work without having to hold down a trigger.

A 360° Articulating Auxiliary Handle offers a wide range of movement along with operator comfort and the wheeled carrying case provides convenient storage and effortless transportation.


All-metal housing

On the business end of the Bosch 35-Pound Jack Hammer, a 2-way tool retainer accepts a standard 1-1/8″ (28mm) hex and air bits. In-line controls help the tool stay balanced for both horizontal and vertical work.

Bosch 11335K 35-Pound 1-1/8-Inch Jack Hammer Kit

The all-metal housing offers both protection and durability. Finally, its Service Minder brushes automatically shut down the Bosch 11335K Jack Breaker when it’s time for maintenance as mentioned before and this helps prevent excess wear ad prolongs the life of the motor.

Every inch of this tool’s exterior is designed from heavy-duty metal that can withstand the rigors of the toughest jobsite.

Pros & Cons

  • Versatile two-way bit retention
  • Shock reduction in hammer mechanism and at handle
  • Versatile placement for greater operator control
  • Carrying case with wheels
  • Some complaints of poor power switch design



This tool mimics the up and down motion of a hammer, chipping away and breaking apart rocks and concrete with every blow and it can also be utilized to remove tiles, tree stumps, bricks, and even frozen ground.

The handles are large and ergonomic, making it effortless for the operator to use it whether vertically or horizontally. The Bosch 11335k Jack Breaker Hammer is not as heavy as the other jackhammers we have reviewed, so it’s simpler to carry and maneuver sideways when demolishing a wall or removing bricks.

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