Chicago Pneumatic Heavy Duty Die Grinder Review

The Chicago Pneumatic Heavy Duty Die Grinder is a reliable grinder with a 1/8 Inch Collet. It generates excellent power to weight and hence a suitable deal for tight access areas. Its slim design makes it a perfect tool to hold in your hand while working on your delicate applications.

Overall, this Chicago Pneumatic Heavy Duty Extended Die Grinder is a device for anyone who needs to enhance and process home articles. It will also suite the professional handyman who does not have any problem with accessing electric power.

Chicago Pneumatic Heavy Duty Die Grinder
Chicago Pneumatic Heavy Duty Die Grinder

Chicago Pneumatic Heavy Duty Extended Die Grinder Review


  • Efficient and powerful 0.26 HP Motor
  • Low noise level
  • Easy access speed regular
  • Compact and ergonomic grip
  • 1 year parts and labor

Efficient and powerful 0.26 HP Motor

This is a powerful extended die grinder with an insulated grip handle and a 26 HP Motor with 25000 RPM of maximum speed.

This unit is effortless to use and since it’s a lightweight unit, you will find it simple to control the speed and hence generate the expected outcome. This unit consists of high-quality materials and therefore durable.


Low noise level

It offers low noise hence the best deal for quiet operation. This unit is ideal and will see you enjoy grinding tight to reach areas hence a decent deal.

Moreover, you will find the unit a type that gets most of your work done in minutes courtesy of the high speeds.


Easy access speed regular

It also features an easy access speed regulator, rear exhaust and lock off throttle. This versatile device is a handy model and great for cleaning brake pads, rotors, mounts and dies among other surfaces.

There is also a convenient way to control speeds making use of the variable speed throttle. Again, the model is lightweight, comfortable to control and also effortless to assemble making it reliable.

Furthermore, there is a rear exhaust that makes sure the flying chips are contained.


Compact and ergonomic grip

Since it’s a lightweight model, you can effortlessly control it while grinding. It’s a compact design which enables easy control when in use.

This Heavy Duty Die Grinder is an excellent type that will see you control it with ease hence a reliable unit and you can accept rear exhaust over hose assembly.


1 Year parts and labor

There is also a textured throttle that enables you to take control of the speeds hence aligning your machine to controllable speeds.

It’s a tool that you can use to clean many surfaces including rotors, brake pads and dies among other plates. Like the Makita GD0800C Variable Speed Die Grinder  it’s a lightweight model, you can simply control it while grinding.

Pros & Cons

  • Rubber overmould grip
  • Ideal for limited space applications
  • Built-in air regulator
  • High operator comfort
  • May experience stalling



If you are searching for a tool that will grind hard-to-reach areas, then you can certainly get the Chicago Pneumatic Heavy Duty Die Grinder. You will be able to purchase it at reasonable price and receive the best outcome.

The manufacturers have added excellent features to meet your requirements. At the same time, the model comes with a satisfactory warranty to help you make your investment with confidence.

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