DEWALT Cordless Circular Saw 18V Review

If you are searching for a cordless circular saw that serves well as a light duty tool, then based on the customer feedback you will be pleased with the DEWALT Cordless Circular Saw 18V. Once the battery is fully charged then there is no electrical outlets needed to power the saw, this provides ease and convenience for a home owner who does occasional small projects.

DEWALT Cordless Circular Saw 18V
DEWALT Cordless Circular Saw 18V

DEWALT DC390B 6-1/2-Inch Cordless Circular Saw Overview


  • Fitted with lithium-ion technology
  • 6-1/2-inch carbide tipped blade
  • High strength magnesium shoe and upper guard
  • 0-50 degrees bevel capacity


Fitted with lithium-ion technology

This tool features 3,700 RPM for fast rip cuts and cross cuts, and a fan-cooled motor with replaceable brushes for maximum power and durability.

The Powerextra 3.7Ah 18V Replacement Battery and the Lasica 18V DC9310 Fast Battery Charger can also be purchased with this tool.

This product comes fully fitted with lithium-ion technology which means battery packs last a lot longer even when utilized for tougher applications. You will find that the lithium-ion technology offers a much more powerful experience when compared with its competitors.

This device doesn’t come with the battery or the charger but for what you pay for just the body of the circular saw means you will have plenty leftover to buy the essentials to get this product up and running.


6-1/2-inch carbide tipped blade

It also consists of a 6-1/2-inch carbide tipped blade for 2x cutting capacity at 90 degrees and 45 degrees. This DEWALT Cordless Circular Saw 18V can cater for ultra-thin cutting blades which will minimize power drain and ultimately increase cutting performance.

There isn’t a lot this circular saw can’t do when cutting the toughest materials and thanks to its robust and durable structure and powerful motor you will find this product is able to cut through many materials with ease.

It has received fantastic reviews thanks to the powerful thin blade it offers its users and with all of the features it comes packed with would make this a top buy for any tradesmen.


High strength magnesium shoe and upper guard

High strength magnesium shoe and upper guard offers increased durability and with the spindle lock users will easily and safely be able to change the blade in just a few seconds thanks to the quick blade change feature it offers its users.

There are plenty of loyalists out there to DeWALT’s bright yellow color, and we are sure this compact circular saw is toted in quite a few truck boxes.

Its magnesium base and upper guard keep the tool light but durable, when those accidental drops occur, and a soft overmolded grip makes it comfortable in hand. We like the oversized flip lever and T-nut for changing cutting depth or setting up bevel cuts as they’re easy to grab with gloves on.


0-50 Degrees bevel capacity

The 0-50 degrees bevel capacity offers additional capacity for a multitude of applications. This product was created with comfort in mind and was built ergonomically with a hand grip which gives users much better control during operation.

It is extremely comfortable even during tougher applications. This DEWALT DC390B 6-1/2-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Circular Saw  is ideal for those looking to cut floorboards and decking thanks to its 55mm cutting depth and with its many other features and settings makes this device perfectly capable of doing any job thrown in front of it.

Pros & Cons

  • 3,700 RPM for fast rip cuts and cross cuts
  • 6-1/2-inch carbide tipped blade
  • Fan-cooled motor with replaceable brushes
  • Upper guard provides increased durability
  • Batteries not included with product



In conclusion, if you are searching for a cheap circular saw that is robust and has all the features you need to start cutting, you will find the DEWALT Cordless Circular Saw 18V a brilliant buy and you will wish you found out about it sooner.

DeWalt has been offering top quality cutting power tools to their consumers for years now and this cordless circular saw is at the top of its cutting range thanks to its many features and durability.

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