TACKLIFE Electric Mini Circular Saw Review

The mini circular saw is an increasingly popular DIY tool thanks to its many advantages such as ergonomics, portability and efficiency. And the price is usually more reasonable than for heavier and bulky saws. One saw in particular that we love is the TACKLIFE Electric Mini Circular Saw which has all the features of a regular circular saw but just smaller.

You can take a look at the TACKLIFE Premium Mini Circular Saw with Variable Speed which is one of the cheapest mini circular saws and the most interesting one on the market.

TACKLIFE Electric Mini Circular Saw with Variable Speed

TACKLIFE Electric Mini Circular Saw with Variable Speed Overview


  • 6 Adjustable speed levels
  • 6 blades and high compatibility
  • 45° bevel cut
  • Aluminum protective cover
  • Comes with accessories


6 Adjustable speed levels

The compact circular saw can operate in the range of 1200 RPM to 3500 RPM which enables you to control the speed to meet variable and precise cutting demands.

A TACKLIFE Premium, Electric Mini Circular Saw with 6 Variable Speed

The unique metal handle can be assembled on left or right, in order to adapt to the usage habits of various consumers and minimize fatigue.

It also has an excellent feature which is the laser guide so you can create the most precise and accurate cuts and enhance your visibility.


6 Blades and high compatibility

The Tacklife Electric Mini Circular Saw with Variable Speed is featured with 5″, 4-3/4″, 4-1/2″, and 4-3/8″ blades for almost all kinds of cutting materials.

It comes with 2’24T(5″ ) carbide-tipped blades for wood and tube, 2’60T(4-1/2″ ) HSS blades for wood, soft metal, PVC pipe and 2’ high-hardness diamond(4-1/2″ ) blades for tile and marble, and more which makes it perfect in different operating environments.


45° Bevel cut

With the laser guide, auxiliary rip guide that enable you to make straight and accurate cuts, the adjustable footplate also allows you to rotate the base to get tilted precise-angled cuts(90°or 45°).


The easy-set and adjustable cutting depth can be set as 1-9/10″(48 mm) at 90°and 1-3/8″(34.9 mm) at 45° for optimal utilization.

The PORTER-CABLE 4-1/2-Inch Circular Saw Blade and the Freud D0436X Diablo 4-3/8-Inch 36 Tooth ATB Cordless Trim Saw Blade can be purchased to increase machine performance and increase machine performance.


Aluminum protective cover

The protective cover of TACKLIFE electric circular saw is designed from aluminum and iron. Compared with plastic protective cover, this design is much more durable and aesthetic and it can avoid accidental touch injury and ensure your safety.

 Electric Mini Circular Saw

Unlike the WORX WORXSAW 4-1/2 Compact Circular Saw this handheld saw is equipped with a 6.2A pure copper motor which delivers premium cutting performance, making it a more solid and powerful saw that is enduring.


Comes with accessories

The kit includes 1 TACKLIFE TCS115E circular saw, 2 24T TCT blades, 2 60T HSS blades, 2 diamond blades, 1 metal handle, 1 dust pipe, 1 Allen wrench, 1 rip guide, 1 user manual and 1 24 months card. It also comes with 2 button batteries for laser powered, but you should mount them before use.

Pros & Cons

  • Meet variable and precise cutting demands
  • Unique metal handle
  • Adjustable footplate allows you to rotate the base
  • Easy-set and adjustable cutting depth
  • 6.2A pure copper motor
  • Safety start switch may be difficult to use for some



The Tacklife Electric Mini Circular Saw provides the great value we all seek. Its design is unique and compact as desired.

With its features, it presents a high-end product, so, if you are searching for an affordable compact size circular saw product that delivers excellent performance for moderate jobs and you do not want to tire yourself with a bulky and heavy device, this device is for you.

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