TACKLIFE Professional Hand Rivet Gun Review

Before purchasing this TACKLIFE Professional Hand Rivet Gun, it is a great idea to know exactly what riveting is so that you can ensure if you definitely require a rivet gun at all. In short, a rivet is a form of fastening material or an object. A rivet itself consists of metal and is created from cylinder that consists of a head on just one of the ends. And the end without a head can be known as the rivet’s tail.

A rivet gun allows you to work effortlessly and improves your safety. It allows the quality of work to be consistent from rivet to rivet. Today we are introducing a value rivet gun and if you need the tool for a quick job, the TACKLIFE Professional Hand Rivet Gun is definitely for you.

TACKLIFE Professional Hand Rivet Gun
TACKLIFE Professional Hand Rivet Gun

TACKLIFE Pop Rivet Gun Overview


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Quick change head design
  • Rugged all-steel construction
  • Thermo-Plastic-Rubber (TPR) material
  • Aluminum alloy body


Lightweight and compact

This rivet gun kit is created in the same factory as other brands, with the same great quality and the same manufacturing technique, but at a reasonable price. As a more compact tool, it is created to be utilized with one hand.

Its ergonomic shape allows for an easier grip, plus, with its thermo-plastic rubber grip, your hand won’t hurt at all. It’s lightweight and created for anyone who is searching for a tool to complete a home project.


Quick change head design

The kit consists of the following sizes: 3/32″(2.4mm), 1/8″(3.2mm), 5/32″(4.0mm) as well as 3/16″(4.8mm), and a 10 piece aluminum rivet set. It will provide a precision attachment each time and it also consists of a lower error margin than a manual riveter.

Quick change head design

Its sturdy design enables rivets to be installed in the trickiest spots or places. Plus, it features a quick change head design so that you can switch mandrels and nose pieces manually.

Users are especially happy that this riveter offers swift, quiet, and comfortable operation prohibiting user fatigue.


Rugged all-steel construction

The robust all-steel construction and the 1.8mm thick steel allows for a long lifetime. The Booms Fishing MA1 Tri-Grip Rivet Kit and the YYST 20 3/16″ Tri-Grip Tri-Fold Tri Bulb Mounting Rivet can also be purchased together.

This air rivet gun includes additional parts so that it should answer all your riveting requirements. It is ideal for those that want to do some repair work. It is extremely durable so can be utilized on the most difficult projects in vehicles and even for construction work.


Thermo-Plastic-Rubber (TPR) material

This hand tool also consists of an ergonomic design and nonslip cushioned handle grips and thermo-Plastic-Rubber material for ideal fit and comfort. The tool may not be extremely heavy-duty, but it can get the simplest job done without any problems.

Thermo-Plastic-Rubber (TPR) material

Some users have also complained that the rivets may not always separate from the mandrel perfectly.

When and if this occurs, you may want to make use of a different tool to clip them off. We like the fact that the tool consists of a rugged workhorse but will look great while doing any job.


Aluminum alloy body

The aluminum alloy body allows for premium anti-rust performance and the riveter coated with an eco-friendly white zinc finish, safeguards your health and the environment.

The rivet gun itself is also extremely effortless to utilize and can be used even with low pressure. It is a perfectly valued piece of equipment to add to any tool kit.

For something that is fairly heavy duty and durable, it is also fairly reasonable priced. We appreciate that it’s ideal for reaching in corners and recessed areas. And we like that it is intelligently designed for a long life and minimum wear.

Pros & Cons

  • 1.8mm Thick steel
  • Nonslip cushioned handle grips
  • Eco-friendly white zinc finish
  • Ergonomic design
  • Some complaints of rivets jamming/ getting stuck



Rivet guns aren’t always utilized by tons of people. However, when we require one, we need the best one, since this is not the kind of tool we can scrimp on.

We like that this TACKLIFE Professional Hand Rivet Gun because it is effortless to utilize, well-made, and resists the everyday use of professionals as well as hobbyists. Time and quality are all on this brand’s side, as you’ll swiftly find that out from looking at any of its quality products.

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