Jul 7, 2020

Top 10: Best Tool Box Organizer Reviews 2020

An excellent Tool Box Organizer can be the backbone of your garage, hobby area or storage room, providing you with a single unified place to keep all your essential tools and pieces of equipment?

From rolling storage boxes to mounted shelves, there are dozens of tool chest designs to select from, and choosing the ideal size, shape, and capacity for your needs isn’t always that simple.

Like all types of storage, searching for a tool chest isn’t just about how much it can hold: everything, even the quality of the materials and how it can be fixed to a wall or surface, can make a huge difference on how it can be utilized in your home.


Best Tool Box Brands 2020

  1. DEWALT Tool Box, Tough System

Best Tool Box Organizer 2020DEWALT Tool Box, Tough System

The DEWALT ToughSystem enables any professional to build the storage option that fits their needs. Technicians, electricians and contractors can all utilize different combinations, eliminating the requirement for multiple storage boxes spread throughout the jobsite or workshop.

This system provides contractors a means of organizing, sorting and transporting their tools and materials from one jobsite to the next. The ToughSystem Extra Large Case (DWST08204) is the perfect tool storage unit with a weight capacity of up to 110 lbs.

It has a durable and thick structural foam box wall in addition to the integrated water seal and rust resistant latches. As a part of the ToughSystem system, it can be attached to the carrier via central locking mechanism or stacked with other ToughSystem units via the side latches.



  • Robust structural foam box
  • Inner vertical storage
  • Side handles enable carrying
  • Integrated water seal in every unit


  1. DEWALT Deep Long Handle Tool Box

Best Toolbox with Deep Long Handle DEWALT Deep Long Handle Tool Box

The DEWALT DWST17814 TSTAK deep toolbox with long handle has extra large volume for large tools storage. The top organizer consists of fixed dividers for organization of drills & bits, with a deep box for your larger tools.

A bi material handle on top of each unit enables for easy & comfortable lifting. This box also provides heavy duty rust resistant metal latches for durability and longer life.

The TSTAK family features units that can stack on top of each other, connected with durable side latches and the overall length is 17 1/4″ x 12 5/8″ x 13 1/4″.



  • Extra Large volume for Large tools storage
  • Top organizer fixed dividers for organization
  • Bi material handle on top of each unit
  • Heavy Duty rust resistant metal latches
  • Durable side latches allow unit to be stacked


  1. WEN 73015 Garage Glider Rolling Tool Chest Seat

WEN 73015 Garage Glider Rolling Tool Chest Seat WEN 73015 Garage Glider Rolling Tool Chest Seat

Remember when you could cruise around the garage comfortably? The WEN Garage Glider Rolling Tool Chest Seat offers all the utility of both a mechanic stool and a tool cabinet.

The super-absorbent multi-layered vinyl-protected cushion provides all the required support needed for a long day in the shop.

The WEN Garage Glider also features four 2-1/2-inch swiveling casters for effortless movement in all directions. The 100% ball-bearing system increases the lifespan of the casters while offering users an extra smooth ride. The two foldable magnetic trays on either side of the chair’s body enable an effortless solution to lose screws and bolts.

And, aside from the three 12-3/4 x 7-3/4 x 2-1/4-inch drawers, this creeper seat also has 16 onboard storage slots mounted to the back of the chest’s body to organize your most commonly required tools. You can work in comfort with the WEN Garage Glider.



  • Thick and absorbent vinyl-protected multi-layered padding
  • Includes three 12-3/4 x 7-3/4 x 2-1/4 inches storage slots
  • Featuring four 2-1/2-inch ball-bearing
  • Two foldable magnetic storage trays
  • Holds up to 350 pounds of evenly distributed weight


  1. Milwaukee Electric Tool Box

Milwaukee Electric Tool Box
Milwaukee Electric Tool Box

Pack out the large tool box, which is compatible with pack out Modular storage products. It has an IP65 rated weather seal, metal reinforced top handle, corners & locking point, interior organizer tray, mounting location for the 1 key tick, heavy duty latches, reinforced hinge and a pack out, reinforced hinge.

What we like most about this electric tool box is how easy it locks together and comes apart. With the PACKOUT system you can stack toolboxes and organizers, but you can also stack soft-sided totes as well.

We were also impressed by the toughness of the boxes. They adequately demonstrated their durability by dropping cinder blocks on both the Milwaukee boxes as well as a competitor’s product. The red and black boxes came out unscathed; and the competitor’s were utterly destroyed.



  • Made of a heavy duty construction
  • IP65 rated weather seal
  • Interior organizer tray
  • Dimensions: 22.1″ x 11.3″ x 16.1″


  1. Keter Rolling Tool Chest with Storage Drawers

Keter Rolling Tool Chest with Storage Drawers
Keter Rolling Tool Chest with Storage Drawers

As every do-it-yourself handyman knows, having a quality tool box is essential for getting a job done efficiently. For swifter, more organized repairs and construction tasks, you have to be able to find the right tool quickly without wasting time fumbling through a kitchen drawer or an old, rusted box.

The Keter 5-drawer tool chest system not only assists you in keeping your tools safe and organized, it offers convenient perks that old-fashioned tool boxes just can’t match. The product features an adjustable modular 5 drawer tool chest with a durable polypropylene resin construction. It also features a central locking system, so each drawer stays secure before, during and after use.

The bottom drawer provides deep storage space for larger tools 16 removable bins and dividers which can be organized to fit your needs and the integrated carry handles make each module easily portable.

It has locking swivel casters for easier mobility. This is a modular storage of tools, crafts or just around the home.

The overall dimensions are as following 23, 5″ H x 22, 1″ W x 11. 3″ and D dimensions without wheels: 19, 76″ H x 22, 1″ W x 11, 3″ D.



  • Integrated carry handles for easy portability
  • Features durable polypropylene resin construction
  • The bottom drawer offers deep storage space
  • Lockable for security


  1. GEARWRENCH 20″ 3 Drawer Black Steel Tool Box

EARWRENCH 20" 3 Drawer Black Steel Tool Box GEARWRENCH 20" 3 Drawer Black Steel Tool Box

The 83151 is a black 3 drawer 20 Inch steel tool box. The drawers are all 2 Inch in height and are on ball bearing slides. The top area is 2-1/2 Inch in height. The box features a cantilever tray and has a keyed center lock for security.

This tool box is portable and ideal for technicians on the move. The tool box is created with a cantilever tray and a 2-1/2″ high top compartment.

The drawers are fitted with ball-bearing slides for a smooth open and close. And as mentioned the box also has a keyed center lock for security and two metal latches for added protection.



  • Steel design
  • Portable tool box with ball bearing drawer slides
  • Keyed center lock for improved security
  • Black powder coat wipes easily clean
  • 1 year limited warranty

  1. Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox Red

Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox Red
Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox Red

Comfortable top handle for easy carrying, cover hinge keeps lid open for easy tool access and drawers lock automatically when lid is closed. Full-extension compound-action drawer slides open and close easily under heavy loads and a hasp and staple for padlocks gives extra security.

The heavy duty draw bolt latches keep lid closed and provide excellent security and the heavy duty storage unit is built tough with the professional in mind.

With this Craftsman red 3-drawer portable tool box organizer, you’ll be ready for any project that needs finishing. Three drawers make sure your tools stay organized.

Bring sockets, ratchets and other essentials to any job site and keep your equipment protected from the elements with this steel construction toolbox.



  • Cover hinge keeps lid open
  • Hasp and staple for padlocks
  • Heavy duty draw bolt latches
  • Comfortable top handle


  1. Keter 22 Inch Cantilever Plastic Portable Tool Box Organizer

Keter 22 Inch Cantilever Plastic Portable Tool Box Organizer
Keter 22 Inch Cantilever Plastic Portable Tool Box Organizer

The Cantilever Tool Box 22 is perfect for both professionals and weekend warriors, as it’s made with a heavy-duty construction and offers a convenient way to organize and transport a wide range of tools.

The interior is large enough for large power tools and bulkier items, while the organizer with 11 removable bins in two sizes is perfect for small and medium-sized components. This toolbox also consists of a non-breakable polycarbonate lid, metal latches, a heavy-duty metal handle with a soft grip, and a cantilever design that allows easy access to all contents.

A blend of functionality and clever design, the Cantilever Organizer 22 provides generous space for a wide range of tools. The top organizer has multiple removable bins, perfectly visible underneath the clear lid. Heavy-duty and compact, this tool box organizer is designed to last in a fast-paced professional environment.



  • Resin construction
  • Weather-resistant polypropylene construction
  • Smooth gliding cantilever joints
  • Back legs provide optimum support


  1. Goplus 6-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest w/Riser

Goplus 6-Drawer 3 in 1 Rolling Tool Box w/Keyed Locking System
Goplus 6-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest w/Riser

Compared with the previous tool chest, this upgraded 6 drawer tool chest one comes with a riser, created to help you store and get tools more conveniently. Such design is superior to other ordinary ones since it is a top box, riser and bottom cabinet all in one, which offers ample tool storage space, while allowing you to classify tools thereby finding what you need quickly.

The top box from this tool box organizer can be simply detached from riser by unscrewing 4 screws, so that you can carry it anywhere you want. And the swiveling side handles make it fairly portable. It is worth mentioning that the keyed locking system is capable of prohibiting your valuable tools from being stolen.

Exquisitely crafted with thickened cold-rolled steel, the tool chest consists of good sturdiness, not easy to dent or deform as well. The solid structure endows the tool box with a higher load bearing capacity, so as to hold more tools. Plus, frosted surface integrates aesthetic appearance with metallic texture, for better using experience.



  • Sturdy Frame & Premium Material
  • Safety lock
  • Convenient side handle
  • Flexible rubber wheels


         10.    Stanley Tools and Consumer Storage Essential Toolbox

Stanley Tools and Consumer Storage Tool Box OrganizerStanley Tools and Consumer Storage Essential Toolbox

The Stanley STST16331 16″ essential™ toolbox is newly redesigned and created to satisfy virtually any storage need. It has a new elegant design with sturdy robust appeal.

This unit provides top organizers which enable small parts organization without having to search through your entire toolbox, along with top recesses for screws and washers.

The interior has a tool tray with handle and allows side access for flexible storage solutions. The latch has a geometric Lock for smooth and easy use, and the pad eye Lock enables you to lock the toolbox. It is backed by Stanley’s limited lifetime warranty and includes 1 Stanley 16″ toolbox.



  • Top Tool Box Organizer enable small Parts organization
  • Tool tray with handle and enabled side access for flexible storage solutions
  • Latch with geometric lock for smooth and easy use
  • Pad eye lock, enables to lock the toolbox


Buying guide for best toolbox organizer 2020

“Which is the best toolbox for my needs?” is one of those difficult questions, kind of like “How long is a piece of string?” The correct toolbox for an electrician is different from the one an auto mechanic would select, or a carpenter or DIY enthusiast. Each individual has to make their own choice.

This can be fairly difficult given the huge selection of toolboxes currently available. How can Yourtoolboxneedthis assist? While we can’t point out a single model that’s correct for your particular requirements, we can look at the benefits and drawbacks of certain materials, discuss the construction options, and showcase some of the best toolboxes in various categories.

And that is exactly what we have done. After lots of research and testing, we’ve made a few suggestions that underline the multiple alternatives on offer in terms of size, capacity, flexibility, and price. Our comprehensive buying guide focuses on the key aspects you’ll have to think about as you shop.

Some of the major power toolmakers offer toolboxes designed specifically for their products. It’s a good idea if you purchase lots of tools from the same brand, but the boxes may lack flexibility if you don’t.


Key considerations


Where you utilize your toolbox has as much of an impact on your choice as the kinds of tools you need to carry. Is your toolbox for utilization at home? In the garage? In a factory? On a jobsite? Some materials are much more suitable than others for particular environments.

There’s also the question of how much protection the contents require. Rigid toolboxes are generally made of steel or blow-molded plastic, though some are wooden.

Tool bags are designed from various types of polyester/PVC fabric, sometimes reinforced with leather.

Plastic: These toolboxes are typically the cheapest option because they’re easier to manufacture. They come in a vast variation of configurations. If a mold can be designed for it, it can be created. Plastic toolboxes are usually lighter than steel alternatives, and they don’t rust. It’s also effortless to add compartments with clear lids, so you can identify the contents quickly.

On the downside, while some plastic toolboxes can carry substantial weight, they may also distort under load. The hinges and closures are frequently designed from metal, and the way they attach to the plastic can be a weak point. Plastic can melt if exposed to heat (when you’re welding, for example), and they can also split under impact.

Steel: These toolboxes can be tremendously durable and are extremely resistant to damage. They are also massively unaffected by heat.

On the downside, steel is difficult to form into complex shapes, therefore delivering less flexible storage. Steel is heavy and robust compared to other materials. Even powder-coated and galvanized models will definitely rust if the surface is damaged. Stainless steel toolboxes do not rust but are quite expensive.

Wood: This material is perfect for carrying tools like chisels, whose cutting edges need protection, and for measuring instruments. Wood toolboxes can also be very attractive pieces of furniture.

On the downside, the toolbox probably requires as much care as the tools inside it!

Fabric: Tool bags are light and effortless to carry, either making use of a handle or worn as a backpack. Many provide very flexible storage options, and they keep most tools upright for easy identification and access.

On the downside, the fabric is less durable than plastic or steel. Search for a material thickness of at least 1,000 denier (D). A tool bag offers little protection against water and even less against heat, and zippers can be a weakness.



The size, shape, and variety of tools you utilize go a long way toward determining the configuration of the toolbox you require. Plastic toolboxes generally provide a great variety of storage options. Cantilever models are seen as the classic general-purpose solution.

Mechanics typically have tool chests with numerous drawers for keeping wrenches and sockets, perhaps with a larger storage section underneath.

The variation on offer is almost endless, so you need to spend some time thinking about the tools you have now and whether your collection is likely to grow over time.


Mobility is another essential factor, and it means different things to different people. For some, it’s being able to throw a tool bag over their shoulder (these are generally popular with electricians and cable installers).

For many, it’s just having a toolbox of a modest weight with a convenient handle to lift it. Wheeled carts enable for greater capacity while still being reasonably easy to move around.

Even very large and heavy tool chests may have sturdy casters. They aren’t created to be moved often, but they can be if necessary.

You’ll also want to decide on how you’re going to carry your tools from place to place. Is your toolbox going into the trunk of your vehicle or will it get thrown in the back of a work truck? With that in mind, is a fixed truck toolbox what you require?




Hinges: Any part of the toolbox that hinges: lid, closure, or handle, for example, is a potential weakness, so look for substantial components and robust fixings.

Drawers: If the toolbox features metal drawers, they’ll run more smoothly on ball bearing slides.

Weight: Don’t just think about the weight of the toolbox when it’s empty; think about how much it has to carry when full. Does the box have the strength to carry everything you need it to? Can you lift it, or do you require a toolbox with wheels?


Think about the security. How will you prohibit unauthorized access to your toolbox? Does it lock and do you need to be able to secure it to a vehicle?


If the tools you require to take with you vary quite often, is it worth purchasing two small toolboxes rather than one large one? Or would stackable toolboxes suit you better (some can lock together for transportation)?



Socket organizer: Ares 30-Piece Magnetic Socket Holder
There’s nothing worse than a bunch of loose sockets rattling around in your toolbox, and finding the correct one can get real frustrating. A magnetic holder like this can fit inside your toolbox (or stick to the outside if its metal) and provides you with swift access to the correct tool.

Tool box liner: B&C Home Goods Professional Liner
This 16-foot roll of tough, nonslip, textured liner minimizes noise and helps stop tools from banging into each other and causing damage. This liner cuts effortlessly to size with household scissors.

Mini GPS tracker: Tractive GPS Dog Tracker
No, we’re crazy. A large toolbox may effortlessly hold over a thousand dollars’ worth of tools and is a prime target for thieves, particularly if it’s portable. Slipping a small tracking unit inside offers you at least some chance of recovering it if you discover the theft soon enough. Bluetooth devices are less expensive but have limited range.


Toolbox prices

Inexpensive: You can purchase a cheap toolbox to hold a few DIY items for around $15. If you live in a small apartment, it may be all you require. Low-cost steel toolboxes start at approximately $25.

Mid-range: Many keen amateurs and quite a few professionals will find the toolboxes they require for between $30 and $100. The selection is vast. Larger tool chests, those frequently utilized by auto engineers and mechanics, can run from $200 to $400.

Expensive: Top prices go to large steel cabinets created for professional shops. Depending on the configuration, these can be anywhere from approximately $800 to over $10,000.

Always purchase a high-quality lock for your toolbox. It’s false economy to fill it with tools worth hundreds of dollars and then trust security to something that costs a couple of dollars.



Q. When a toolbox is described as 20-inch (for example), what does it mean?

A. It means the overall length. Not all manufacturers make use of it. You’ll generally find it on descriptions of cantilever types and tool chests. It’s a useful place to start, but you have to be careful. Two toolboxes of the same length may have vastly different heights and depths, as well as different interior layouts, so it’s crucial to check all dimensions.

Q. What is powder coating, and why is it utilized so often on steel toolboxes?

A. Powder coating is a type of spray-on plastic or polymer that’s cured by heating. It offers a tough, protective layer that prohibits rust. Its popularity is due to its superior performance when compared to paint, ease of application compared to galvanizing, and less expensive compared to stainless steel.

Q. What is the difference between a tool chest and toolbox?

A. At the risk of being called picky, we would say that “toolbox” covers the whole range of various containers, and “tool chest” is a type within that category. Tool chests have pull-out drawers and typically an upper, lidded section for larger items. A few have a roller or slide-out cover that conceals the drawers and provides additional security.

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