Jun 1, 2020

Best Detail Sanders for Furniture Refinishing 2020

Achieving a smooth finish is quite a daunting task for any woodworker. Professionals and DYIer spend many days to learn how to bring that fine touch to furniture so that it can lure the customers. It can be extremely laborious work if you do not have the Best Detail Sanders for Furniture Refinishing to finish the job.

Nobody wants to buy a bed or chair with rough and sharp edges because it will damage their bad sheets and cause many injuries. Therefore, woodworkers use Detail Sanders to smoothen tight edges and corners.

Here at Yourtoolboxneedthis we strive to bring you the best information in choosing the right tool for the job. We’ve searched high and low to find you the most wanted detail sanders for woodworking and this is what we’ve found:


8 Best Sanders for Furniture Restoration Review

  1. BLACK+DECKER Orbital Sander

Detail Sanders for Furniture Refinishing ReviewBLACK+DECKER Mouse Detail Sander

The Black and Decker BDEMS600 is a lightweight, modest, type of palm detail sander with an impressive standard benchmark. Being the smallest sander, it’s perfect for everybody with small hands as it allows the user to sand closer to the sanding area.

The triple position grip on the mouse gives you added enjoyment when in use. In addition you will find a micro-filtration plus a dust collection system for a cleaner work area.

The comfortable and small design enables you to be in full control whether you’re working vertically or horizontally. What’s more, the precision grips offer greater dexterity when working with large sanding areas.

With a 1.2 –amp motor that is efficient of executing 13,000 orbits a minute, you can enjoy a tool that will deliver. The Black & Decker Sander is an excellent choice if you already have a robust sander for larger areas or you’re looking smaller sander for detailed work.

The extraordinary specialization, hand size, and low price point make the BDEMS600 the best choice with homeowners and DIY enthusiasts.



  • Cheap compared to the exceptional quality
  • Easy to handle and lightweight
  • Features a dust collection system
  • A powerful 1.2 amp motor
  • 2-year limited warranty


  • Functionality is limited
  • Small dust collector


  1. WEN 6301 Electric Detailing Palm Sander

Best Sanders for Furniture Refinishing
WEN 6301 Electric Detailing Palm Sander

The WEN 6301 corded palm compact detail sander delivers excellent quality at a low cost. With a powerful 1 AMP motor, you can enjoy over 13,000 orbits per minute. At only 2 pounds, this sander is compact and easy to use. You won’t get fatigue after sanding for long periods of time.

It features a dust-sealed power button that helps you achieve a smooth finish. The Velcro base pad underneath the sander makes it easy to change the sandpaper. The hook and loop system will enable you to switch between grits in a matter of seconds.

With a small price tag, the WEN 6301 Electric Palm Sander is a must-have for any woodworker or a pro on a budget. It’s compact, small, and sturdy enough to handle sanding jobs while maintaining cleanliness.



  • Low price point
  • Small but sturdy
  • Dust removal capabilities
  • Powerful 1-amp motor
  • Lightweight, compact, and ergonomic grip


  • Lacks a variable speed option
  • No dust bag included


  1. Rockwell 4.2 Amp Sonicrafter

Rockwell AW400 F80 Sonicrafter 4.2 Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool
Rockwell AW400 F80 Sonicrafter 4.2 Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool with 9 Accessories and Carry Bag

At number 3 on our list for Best Palm Detail Sanders is the Rockwell RK5151K oscillating multi-tool. It’s not your ordinary detail sander so in essence it is build to last.

Even though it’s above average price, you can expect value for money for years to come. The oscillating feature makes it super easy to adjust the angle which gives you full control on your grip.

Weighing just 3.3 pounds, the Rockwell multi-tool is lightweight, comfortable and can be operated for extended periods of time. Another remarkable feature is the variable speed control which allows you to adjust the operating speed of up to 19,000 orbits per minute.

In addition to the variable speed mechanism with the clamping feature, you can sand pads and secure blades in a matter of seconds. This clamping feature is a great advantage and comes with a Universal Fit System which works well with most brands.



  • Excellent sander and a great investment
  • Provides graceful sanding with exceptional cutting power


  • No dust cleanup feature
  • A bit noisy when operating


  1. Genesis Random Orbit Palm Sander

Sanders for Furniture Refinishing

Genesis GROS2304 5" Random Orbit Sander with Rubberized Palm Grip

The contemporary Genesis Palm Sander comes with a Velcro pad at the base and three sanding pads, designed for various sanding jobs. After using the existing sanding pads, you can purchase any generic mouse style pads and use it for your woodworking projects.

The Genesis sander can be switched between a regular and detail sander. To increase longevity, the unit features a dust protected switch mechanism.



  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with a two year warranty
  • Reliable sander
  • Fast sander which are able to perform 14,000 orbits per minute


  • Smallest detail sander
  • Not ideal for large projects


  1. DEWALT  Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

Best Detail Sanders for Furniture Refinishing 2020
DEWALT 20V MAX XR Oscillating Tool Kit

Another oscillating multi-tool kit and also one of the best palm detail sanders for furniture refinishing on the market is the Dewalt DCS355D1. This tool is not only incredibly useful when it comes to sanding, but it has a wide range of functions such as cutting and sawing all the way to sanding.

The Dewalt oscillating multi-tool features a brushless motor that delivers up to an average of 57% more of workload as compared with the brushed motors.

An excellent selling point is its oscillating tool guide system that has been specific designed to allow the setting of both the height and depth for an array of cuts.

In a nutshell, this multi tool set features all you may be looking for in an extraordinary detail sander as far as functions and number of accessories are concerned. It has received more positive recommendations from previous buyers than any other sander because of its durability and functionality.



  • Features a universal accessory adaptor
  • Its quick-change accessory feature makes it extremely easy for quick blade changes as well as other without the need of using additional tools.
  • A run time of up to 57% more with its brushless motor.
  • Features 28 pieces for versatility plus a storage box to keep all the accessories in one place.
  • A dual-grip variable-speed trigger.


  • Noisy when in use.
  • Over priced when you only want to use it for detail sanding.


  1. SKIL SR232301 Corded Multi-Function Detail Sander

SKIL SR232301Corded Multi-Function Detail Sander Review
SKIL SR232301Corded Multi-Function Detail Sander with 12Pcs Sanding Paper & 3Pcs Additional Detail Attachment

The SKIL SR232301 Corded Multi-Function Detail Sander is a corded electric detail sander that weighs an impressive 2.5 lbs and is the latest addition to the “pressure-controlled family.” The Skil Octo has an indicator that lights up when you are applying the correct amount of pressure and informs you when the pressure is too much—keeping your sanding controlled and even.

This sander for furniture refinishing also comes with an additional eight sanding profile attachments, giving you even more control and options.

With a lightweight design and soft-grip working with this sander is a pleasurable experience for any craftsman. You can adjust the nose of the machine into three different positions, ensuring you can get into the toughest places.

In addition there are also a nice set of extras included to help you manage and control the dust. The SKIL SR232301 comes with a clear dust container that lets you see exactly when you need to empty the canister.

A micro-filtration screen blocks the air way to the chamber which helps with the longevity of the unit. The rest of the tool is dust-sealed to prolong this detail sander’s lifespan.



  • Excellent control features
  • Dust sealed for longer lifespan


  • Dust system needs improvement


  1. TACKLIFE Detail Sander  for Furniture Refinishing with 10Pcs Sandpapers

Random Orbit Sander, TACKLIFE 5-Inch Sander Machine with 10Pcs Sandpapers and 3 Pcs Polishing Kit

Last but not least is the Tacklife detail sander with 10 pieces of sandpaper. This unit is working on 1.1 amps of power while delivering 12,000 OPM. This sander will surely not disappoint. It comes with an additional 12 pieces of sandpaper, ideal for heavier sanding jobs.

You can use it on various surfaces without many worries. You can use it on both metal and plastic with ease. An excellent sander for corners as well as tight spaces.

The soft rubber surface on the hand-held area accommodates for a comfortable grip. This noiseless sander also features a 3M power cord for unrestricted sanding.



  • Excellent dust collection system.
  • Good getting into tight spaces.
  • It comes with 12 pieces of sandpaper.
  • It is lightweight which makes it portable.
  • Comes with a 3m long cord.


  • Some users complain that the manual is a bit inadequate.


  1. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Sheet Sander

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Sheet Sander Review

Last on our list of best palm detail sanders is the PORTER-CABLE PCCW201B which is one of latest detail sanders on the market and is gain traction quickly with professionals as well as novices.

This cordless sander produces enough power to get the job done with minimal effort. There is also not a great selection of powerful cordless detail sanders on the market and the Porter 20V Sheet Sander model fills that gap perfectly.

Excellent for fine detailed jobs as well as larger ones thanks to the various power speed dial which makes easy to switch between the settings.

The battery and charger needs to be purchased separately. However, if you already own any other Porter & Cable power tools, the 20V Max battery pack fits right in.



  • Excellent cordless sander.
  • Easy to hook up to a shop vac.
  • Great for detailed sanding jobs
  • Portable and lightweight.


  • Battery and charger is not included and must be purchased separately.



A great detail sander is the one that should tackle various jobs, have a excellent track record, fair in price and has the ability to outshine most sanders in longevity, that is why we recommend both the Black and Decker Orbital Detail Sander which comes with a powerful 1,2 AMP motor plus dust collection system and it is priced fairly.

Should you go for a more serious type of sander the Rockwell RK5151K oscillating multi-tool is the best in its class and outshines every other sander with multi-function operations even though it is an expensive sander?


Things to Consider before Buying a Detail Sanders for Furniture Refinishing

Detail sander is one of the most widely chosen sanders for smoothing edges, corners, and other parts of furniture. It is a compact size sanding machine that you can easily operate in narrow areas.

It is a widely used power tool and that’s why many power tool brands are providing detail sanders. Consider the following factors to choose the best detail sander for your jobs.



You should pick a powerful tool if you want to finish the job with precision. It is the most important factor to consider when buying a new detail sander.

A handheld sander’s power decides whether or not you can use it to smooth tough material. Too much power can also cause troubles when you do not need it.

Therefore, you should select a multipurpose sander which is the best suited tool for detail sanding and other types of sanding jobs.



Handheld sanders do not weigh a lot. The detail sander is in fact the lightest handheld sander. However, you should still try to reveal how much the selected sander weighs in order to determine how easily you can handle it.

There will be occasions when you may need to hold this tool for extended periods. A heavy sander might cause pain and fatigue. It will directly affect the quality of your work. Therefore, weight is an important factor to consider before you select a model.



Every woodworker and DIYer wants to finish the sanding job as soon as possible. It seems like an exhausting work when you have already finished the crafting and building work.

A detail sander that operates at very fast speed can help you in finish your work quickly with better precision. The speed also matters because a fast sander can allow you to smoothen rough surface of a variety of materials.

Go online and check the information regarding detail sander. You will find the specs in which the speed is mentioned in OPM. You chosen sander should provide at least 10,000 OPM.

That speed ensures that you can finish the sanding jobs pretty faster. It would be even better if you can find a sander with better speed.



Vibration can make sanding job very difficult for you if the detail sander vibrates too much. All types of power tools vibrate. Some popular brands have found the ways of reducing vibration and increasing work efficiency of the handheld sanders.

Although every manufacturer claims that its power tool creates minimum vibration, such claims are not always true. You should go through customer reviews to reveal how much vibration a detail sander creates when in operation.

If it becomes too difficult to handle, you should better look for some other models because it might not help you in sanding the finished product perfectly.


Dust management:

Detail sanders for furniture refinishing can produce a lot of dust and debris when smoothing furniture or a metal object. That dust and debris will either stay as it is around the work piece or float around you. Working in such messy environment can be difficult for anyone.

Therefore, you should look for a detail sander that can easily suck the dust and debris out of that work piece.

You should search for detail sanders with flawless dust management system. Some models of detail sanders feature inbuilt dust port to collect debris and dust. You can connect that dust port to a vacuum hose that will remove all the dust produced and collect it in a container.

The dust collection mechanism allows you to keep the work piece clean and prevent the mess in your workshop. Sadly, all detail sander models are not equipped with dust management system. Therefore, you should carefully look for this feature when buying this power tool.


Can you change the speed?

As mentioned earlier, a fast operating detail sander provides better support to smoothen rough areas of furniture and therefore variable speed is not the most sought-after feature.

However, you may sometimes need to reduce the sanding speed to improve work efficiency. Look for a model that allows the user to alter sanding speed of the sander.  Thus, you will get a perfect sanding tool to work on all kinds of woodworking projects.


Is it too noisy?

Power tools produce a lot of noise. Therefore, some power tools are not allowed in many cities. There is no issue with detail sanders. However, too much noise can still distract you and irritate you.

Excess noise can make it difficult for you to work longer and therefore you may not finish the sanding work on time.

Some brands have introduced the latest models of detail sanders which make very little noise and still sand with precision. You should look for such a quiet model instead of buying a noise tool.


Expert reviews:

The market is flooded with a variety of sanders. You are going to find many options in detail sanders. The manufacturers always reveal the good things.

Therefore, you may easily end up with a poor quality tool. You should check experts’ reviews to pick a reliable, durable, and powerful detail sander. You will get the best detail sanders shortlisted on that list.

Thus, you can quickly find the best detail sander without going through a time-consuming task of considering various different things.


Final thoughts:

You are going to need a compact detail sander quite often if you are building furniture or working on DIY woodworking projects at home. Make sure you invest your money in a top-rated tool. It will provide long-lasting service without requiring maintenance for a long time.

Know that you’ve gone through our list of Best Detail Sanders for Furniture Refinishing and knowing all product specifications you can definitely make a better purchase option.

Whether it’s a corded sander or cordless sander there is a product out there for every specific type of project. You definitely do not have to make expensive buying decisions even though quality comes at a price.

Maybe you will not go for the cheapest sander, but the average but the average starting point should be good as well. Sanders come in all shapes, sizes and prices. They can out perform each other in several tasks that’s why you need to choose a sander that is best for the specific job.

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