Jun 1, 2020

Best Electric Die Grinders for Metal 2020

The use of power tools increased significantly in all fields where handyman manufacture, repair and renovate things. Electric Die Grinders for Metal or Woodworking is one of the most widely used power tools. Professionals from car mechanics to plumbers use this tool to complete a variety of jobs. Besides, DIYers also prefer this kind of tools for building and repairing several types of stuff.

Straight grinders are a popular choice as a power grinder. It does not matter whether you are a professional handyman or an amateur, you will learn how to use a straight grinder within a few hours. Although there are several other types of grinders, a straight grinder helps users in improving the quality of the final product. It has become an essential part of the toolkit that every professional and DIYer carries to repair, polish, buff, and sand metal objects.

Handheld grinders are more convenient and cost-effective than benchtop grinders and other kinds of grinders. You can carry this tool with you on any job site. Many popular power tool manufacturing brands produce this kind of grinders. They provide air-powered grinders, electric-powered corded grinders, and battery-powered grinders.

Many professionals choose die grinders powered by pneumatic energy to handle heavy-duty grinding, polishing, sanding, and buffing jobs. Electric powered grinders are the best suited for light-duty jobs. Therefore, you should choose a corded or cordless electric straight grinder if you are going to use this tool in a small shop or for DIY jobs.


Top 8 Straight Grinders for Metal or Woodworking Reviews:

  1. DEWALT DWMT70783 Straight Die Grinder:

Best Electric Die Grinders for Metal Review
DEWALT DWMT70783 Straight Die Grinder

Dewalt is an American power tool and hand tool manufacturing company. It has been supplying high-quality and reliable power tools since 1924. Its DWMT70783 Straight Die Grinder is another impressive addition to a long list of power tools produced by this brand.

This straight grinder is quite lightweight because of its aluminium body. The designers have offered this straight grinder an ergonomic shape coupled with a cushion grip to improve the comfort levels. It is a touch control grinder, which means you can easily control its operation with just a touch.

This beautiful tool is also equipped with an air exhaust system. Exhausted air throws the debris away from the ground object. Thus, you can get the precision finish and complete grinding, polishing, or buffing jobs much faster.

Key features:

  • Equipped with a touch control trigger to ensure a smooth operation.
  • Ergonomically designed aluminum body.
  • It is featuring a safety throttle lever.
  • ¼” and 1/8” collets.

All these premium features make it a special power tool for both professionals and DIYers. It operates at an impressive speed of 25,000 RPM. Yes, it has a powerful motor that rotates the rotary very fast to help you in getting a better finish.


Some users may find DWMT70783 Straight Die Grinder a bit bulky and some may also face issues in controlling it.

Final words:

We have assessed all the other top-rated straight grinders, Dewalt DWMT70783 Straight Die Grinder emerged as the best among them all because of its impressive features.


  1. Proxxon 38472 FBS 115/E Precision Rotary Tool:

Best Precision Rotary Grinders Review


Proxxon 38472 Precision Rotary Tool

We have short-listed this precision rotary tool because it is rigid, ergonomically designed, and provides a simple solution for a variety of tasks. Proxxon is offering 40 different attachments along with blow mould storage case in the complete package.

When compared with other leading straight grinders, this tool outshines most of them because of its price and accessories included in the package.

You can also use this powerful tool with the Proxxon angle adapter, drill stand, and universal bench lamp holders. It is going to make many tough jobs easier for you.

Key features:

  • Ergonomic design and soft grip allow the user to control this tool quite easily.
  • Features attachments and functions for milling, drilling, polishing, grinding, brushing, derusting, deburring, carving, cutting, and engraving. Yes, it is quite a versatile tool.
  • Equipped with a unique motor technology to run the tool at a constant torque. Therefore, people who work on delicate materials prefer this straight grinder over other power tools.
  • The vibration-free operation allows you to finish the job with more precision.
  • Quick and easy replacement of bits and grinding discs.
  • Keyless operation.


Some users have complained about the heating issue and it is not suitable for long-running operations.

Final words:

The Proxxon 38472 FBS 115/E Precision Rotary Tool is suitable for lightweight jobs. It is our second top choice because of a huge variety of attachments it provides and also because it is the best straight grinder for delicate polishing, brushing, sanding, and deburring jobs.


  1. Makita GD0800C:

Best Die Grinders for Metal ReviewMakita GD0800C 1/4" SJS Die Grinder

The Makita GD0800C straight grinder is simply a flawless grinding power tool. It is still not our first choice because of that price. This seems a little costlier than the previous two straight grinders. However, it is a high-performance power tool.

You will never regret spending a little more because this grinder is going to offer the best solutions for all your demands. Its powerful motor, the Super Joint System, and ability to run at variable speed makes it one of the best handheld power grinders.

SJS technology is something new. Makita has introduced it to ensure the problem of gear damage will resolve once and for always. It prevents accidental wheel binding and this new technology also protects the motor to increase the overall lifespan of the grinder.

Key features:

  • This straight grinder is equipped with a side handle, wrenches, and a ¼” collet.
  • Its powerful motor can produce up to 28,000 RPM.
  • It has a soft start feature that ensures a smooth operation.
  • Equipped with zig-zag varnish seals for additional protection against dust and debris.
  • Equipped with a paddle switch
  • Makita is offering a 1-year warranty on this tool.


This straight grinder is equipped with a poor quality collet and it is an expensive power tool to own.

Final words:

You should buy the GD0800C straight grinder if you prefer quality over price. It is suitable for both DIYers and professional handymen, who need a straight grinder to complete different types of jobs in a day.


  1. Chicago Pneumatic Heavy Duty Extended Die Grinder:

Best Heavy Duty Extended Die Grinder

Heavy Duty Extended Die Grinder

Chicago Pneumatics has supplied numerous generators, air compressors, power tools, and other tools for the manufacturing industry. It is one of the oldest American power tool manufacturers.

Renowned for providing durable and powerful tools, Chicago Pneumatic has won millions of customers from all across the globe. Its Heavy Duty Extended Die Grinder is another great addition to the range of power tools this brand has introduced.

These electric die grinders for metal is equipped with vent slots. These slots make it a high heat resistance grinder. All the harmful gases produced during the operation will be thrown away from the work piece.

No excess heating will stop you from working longer. It weighs only 1.1 pounds. Thus, it becomes one of the most lightweight straight grinders available in the market today.

Key features:

  • This grinder is equipped with a highly efficient and powerful 0.42 HP motor
  • The noise level will be quite low
  • Its vibration-free operation allows you to finish your work in a flawless manner
  • Ergonomic grip makes it easier to manage the tool
  • A 1-year warranty for parts


This power tool needs a water separator for better durability and speed control feature is missing.

Final words:

The Chicago Pneumatic Heavy Duty Extended Die Grinder is a heavy duty power tool. It is an ideal choice for handymen who work on tough objects to craft and shape new products.


  1. Ingersoll Rand 307B:

Best Air Die Grinder

Ingersoll Rand 307B Best Air Die Grinder

Yes, it is a pneumatic tool that is a renowned and reliable workhorse. It is a durable power tool that can help you in completing many crucial grinding, sanding, polishing, buffing, derusting, and cutting jobs.

Professionals love this cost-effective air-powered grinder. It is the best suited tool for smoothing edges, weld grinding, porting, polishing, and deburring jobs. Although it is compact in size, this power tool is vary maneuverable. You can use it anywhere you want, even in hard to reach spots in a machine.

The package includes a 307B straight grinder, ¼” and 6mm collets, and two wrenches. That’s all you need to run this air-powered straight grinder in your workshop or industry.

Key features:

  • Equipped with a powerful 0.25 hp motor which delivers up to 28,000 RPM.
  • Suitable for tough work environment because of tough aluminum housing.
  • Robust ball-bearing design aids in vibration reduction, improving balance, and extending the lifespan of this straight grinder.
  • Designed to help the user in reaching and working in tight areas.
  • It is a user-friendly power tool that features a safety lock throttle to reduce the chances of accidental start-up.


You may find it a bit difficult to deal with the front exhaust because it may throw oil and air mixture and thus it can slow down your progress.

Final words:

The Ingersoll Rand 307B Air Die Grinder should be your first choice if you are looking for an air-powered handheld grinder. It is tough, durable, and powerful grinding tool that costs an affordable price.


  1. DeWalt DWE4887:

Best Electric Die GrinderBest electric die grinder

It is another powerful straight grinder from Dewalt. This power tool is designed to deliver flawless performances when it comes to grinding, sanding, polishing, deburring, and other similar jobs.

This grinder is powered by a 4.2Amp motor which can deliver up to 25,000 RPM. It provides better power and greater speed to run this grinding tool with precision. The designers have not only ensured better performance, but also improved the comfort levels.

This lightweight grinder is equipped with a paddle switch. It is coupled with a lock button for additional safety. Ergonomic design and flawless performance make DeWalt DWE4887 a remarkable choice for any professional and DIYer.

Key features:

  • Designed to be a powerful grinding tool, DWE4887 has a powerful 4.2 Amp motor that produces up to 25,000 RPM.
  • Paddle switch with a lock button for better gripping.
  • AC/DC capacity to use power generated by generators and welding machines.
  • Equipped with a ¼”collet which keeps all the essential accessories.
  • Low noise levels and low vibration.


Some users believe this straight grinder does not generate the power endorsed by Dewalt in its promotions.

Final words:

The Dewalt DWE4887 is a feature-rich power tool that costs a more expensive price than other straight grinders. It has the power and performance required to finish tough and delicate grinding, sanding, polishing, deburring, and buffing jobs precisely.


  1. Makita GD0601:

Best straight Die GrinderBest straight die grinder

The GD0601 straight grinder is another high-performance power tool from Makita. These electric die grinder for metal grinder features a ¼”collet to hold some important accessories.

Awesome build quality and a promise of delivering a better performance than other grinders make Makita GD0601 a reliable choice as a straight grinder.

This grinder is equipped with a high-speed motor which can produce up to 25,000 RPM without any issue. There is no need to stop if you are using this tool for a long time because it will continue to provide a problem-free support even if you are running this tool for hours. It stays cool and operates with precision.

You can easily switch between AC and DC for better comfort and keep the tool running. The on-off switch is located at the top which you can slide back and forward to operate this grinder. Its ergonomic design offers a firm grip and added safety to prevent accidents.

Key features:

  • It weighs only 3.7lbs and therefore it is an easily maneuverable tool.
  • The motor can generate up to 25,000 RPM.
  • It stays cool even if you use it for several hours.
  • Equipped with zig-zag varnish seals to prevent debris and dust from affecting the internal components of the grinder.
  • Robust aluminum body
  • Featuring vent slots to release air and throw dust and debris away.


Variable speed option is not available and it is an expensive power tool.

Final words:

Makita assures top-notch performance and a long-lasting service. The cost is obviously a little expensive but you should extend your budget if you want a durable straight grinder.


  1. GSD Straight Die Grinder (XT250000):

Best straight Die Grinder with Flow Adjustment
Best straight die grinder with flow adjustment

GSD stands for Get Stuff Done! Campbell Hausfeld has always offered uses with some innovative power tools and GSD Straight Grinder is also one of such an innovative power tools. It is an affordable tool that can easily handles jobs like porting, grinding, smoothing, deburring, and polishing.

This electric die grinder for metal features a 0.2 HP motor which can produce up to 25,000 RPM. This tool rotates the grinding disc very fast to finish the work quite swiftly.

You get a seamless control over the performance of this tool because of multiple air flow adjustments. You just need to make a swift turn of screwdriver and air flow will be different. It has a ¼” collet which allows the user to fit many standard size bits in this tool. You can take on a variety of jobs with this power tool and work longer without worrying about heating issue.

Key features:

  • This straight grinder weighs only 0.8 lbs and its outer body is rubberized to offer a firmer and comfortable grip.
  • Equipped with a powerful motor which can easily generate up to 25,000 RPM.
  • Easy air flow adjustment feature for a better control.
  • Suitable for smoothing, grinding, porting, and deburring.
  • Affordable cost.


Some users have complained that this tool does not generate enough power and sometimes it runs quite sluggishly.

Final words:

It is an affordable choice on our list and it is certainly suited for light-duty work. You should not buy this tool if you are looking for a heavy-duty grinder.


How to Choose the Best Straight Grinder?

You cannot pick and purchase any highly marketed tool. What if that tool does not provide features and quality specs endorsed by the manufacturer? It will be a deal of loss and you can prevent such mishaps by considering the following things.

  • What type of straight grinder you want?

You can find two types of straight grinders in the market, electric powered and air powered grinder. Both grinders have certain pros and certain cons. An electric grinder uses electric power to run its motor and deliver a flawless performance.

You need to plug the cord or attach a fully charged battery to run this power tool. Some electric powered straight grinder models are designed to switch easily between AC and DC so that the user can easily run his power tool on generator and batteries.

The pneumatic or air-powered straight grinders are quite different. You will always have to carry an air compressor with you if you want to operate this tool. Compressor delivers compressed air that runs the motor and then the rotary head of the grinder.

This type of tools is suitable for in-house grinding, polishing, and sanding, deburring, derusting, and buffing jobs. You should not choose a pneumatic straight grinder if you do not own an air compressor.

  • Build quality:

The second most important thing you should consider is build quality. Different brands use different materials to produce the components for their power tools. You should invest your money in a grinder that can offer at least 2 years’ problem-free service.

Not all the electric die grinders are designed to offer such a long-lasting support. Therefore, you should look for the specs that increase the lifespan of a straight grinder, such as air exhaust slots, outer housing, collet size and quality, and other safety features.

  • User-friendliness:

Straight grinders is designed to perform almost similar jobs. However, every brand features a unique model of this tool which operates in a slightly different way. The ultimate purpose of a straight grinder is to sand, polish, grind, derust, and buff perfectly.

You should check the whole design and then assess how easily you can move, control, and maneuver the selected grinder in your hands. It will feel a bit difficult to use if there are some design flaws. Some special specs and features make grinders easy to use. Search for those specs and check customer reviews to reveal more facts. Thus, you will know which straight grinder is more user-friendly.

  • Rotation speed and control:

Every straight grinder is powered by a different type of motor. Some motors can produce up to 28,000 RPMs and some only up to 25,000 RPMs. Power matters when you are going to work longer in your workshop.

You would not like to deal with a grinder which does not generate enough rotation speed to finish the ongoing work in time. Therefore, you should carefully check the speed before you place the order. You should also check the controls to ensure you can easily turn on and turn off the grinder.

  • Budget:

Some power tools promise unmatchable quality and performance but their cost is too expensive. Some straight grinders are quite affordable but you cannot find reliable information on their manufacturers. Such issues often trouble the customers.

You should set a budget and then prepare a list of grinders which you can buy without putting extra burden on your pocket. Thus, you will pick the best power tool to complete your job. To complete your toolbox you’ll need a quality detail sander for effortless sanding jobs.



There are many things that matter when buying a new electric die grinder for metal. Every buyer demands for a grinder which can offer many years of trouble-free service. Recognizing such a powerful grinder is not an easy task. Therefore, we have reviewed the top 8 straight grinders for woodworking and metal.

You will save a lot of time and find everything explained to assess and choose the best straight grinder. You might find some new brands in our list but those are highly regarded names for the performance of their products.

The reviewed electric die grinders for metal are used by hundreds of users and they have admired those power tools. Whether you are seeking a straight grinder for household jobs or professional jobs, make sure it is powerful, durable, feature-rich, and designed to provide a long service. That’s how you can pick the best straight grinder.

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