WEN Electric Hand Planer Review

A WEN Electric Hand Planer have the advantage of universal compatibility to blades and compact designs but most importantly, they are extremely pocket-friendly.

The WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer is a compact high-speed planer suitable for a wide range of planning projects on any type of wood.It is also suitable for both light high-speed planning operations as well as thick lumber planning projects.

WEN Electric Hand Planer Review
WEN Electric Hand Planer

WEN 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer Review


  • 6-Amp motor
  • 16 positive stops
  • Base plate shoe
  • Adjustable rabbeting guide
  • Kickstand feature
  • Dust saw bag


6-Amp motor

You can plane away chips, splinters and misshapen edges with the Planer as it is ideal for fixing stubborn doors and fitting wood.

This power planer’s 6-Amp motor offers over 34,000 cuts per minute to your workpiece, getting rid of any irregularities until the surface of your boards are aligned and smooth.


16 Positive stops

With a cutting width of 3-1/4 inches and a maximum cutting depth of 1/8 inch, you’ll have the ideal companion for fitting and squaring boards.

The 16 positive stops increase in increments of 1/128 inch anywhere from 0 all the way up to approximately 1/8 inches. You can also change the direction of the chaff by merely flipping the switch on the handle.

This planer also consists of a safety switch to prohibit accidental triggering of the blades.


Base plate shoe

The base plate shoe also features a v-shaped groove for effortlessly flattening sharp post corners. Aside from the power planer, this kit also features a dust bag, a rabbeting guide, a kickstand and a parallel fence bracket.

Base plate shoe

You can purchase the Hiltex 10100 Tungsten Carbide Router Bits as all bits have a 1/4″ universal shank to easily fit and attach to all models of routers.


Adjustable rabbeting guide

The included rabbeting guide adjusts anywhere from 0 to 7/10 inches to enable rabbets up to an inch deep in size.

Adjustable rabbeting guide

The parallel fence offers an accurate and straight cut by ensuring your strokes are directly parallel to the edge of the wood  ( this is a must have for planing door edges, wood trim and boards).


Kickstand feature

The kickstand safeguards both the blade and the workpiece in between uses by keeping the blade elevated and out of contact from the surface of your project.

Moreover, the dust bag collects all of your loose shavings to keep your work space spotless and sawdust free.


Dust saw bag

The bag attaches to either the left or right hand side of the planer to fit whatever you require it to. And because this is a WEN Product.

WEN Dust saw bag

The WEN Electric Hand Planer comes backed by a 2-year warranty, a friendly customer help line, and a nationwide network of skilled service technicians.

Pros & Cons

  • Two HSS reversible blades
  • 6-Foot power cord
  • Retractable kickstand
  • Two-year warranty
  • Blade adjustment wrench
  • Dust bag is a poor design



It is essential to invest in a trustable brand such as WEN but most importantly, a planer that is worth the money. The price of WEN Electric Hand Planer is comparatively cheaper than other planer brands such as the Tacklife 6-amp electric planer available in the market; hence, it provides good value for money.

With this review, you have all the information you require to make a wise purchase decision past the confusing technical details.

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