WORX WORXSAW 4-1/2 Compact Circular Saw Review

The WORX WORXSAW 4-1/2 Compact Circular Saw has been manufactured to tackle the more modest jobs around the home, the garden, and the workshop. Pretty much anything that doesn’t quite call for an amazing table saw or circular saw.

This compact circular saw perfectly fills a gap you didn’t realize required filling – a super versatile tool you won’t want to be without.

WORX WORXSAW 4-1/2 Compact Circular Saw
WORX WORXSAW 4-1/2 Compact Circular Saw

Worx WX531L Worxsaw Cordless Compact Circular Saw Overview


  • Quick and efficient cuts
  • Ez-set depth gauge
  • Made for lumber
  • Left-sided blade optimization
  • Portable design
  • Easy blade change


Quick and efficient cuts

The WORX WORXSAW 4-1/2 Compact Circular Saw makes quick, more efficient cuts and you can take it with you when you don’t want to lug a massive saw around.

plunge angle guided cuts

Full size circular saws can be a pain but the WORXSAW stores effortlessly, travels lighter, and is much handier on the job site or in the workshop. For swift plunge cuts, without all the setup, just grab it and go.


Ez-set depth gauge

The lever allows you to go from 0-45 degree bevel settings with quick adjustment. The tool is 4-1/2” with a 24T carbide-tipped blade, parallel guide, vacuum adapter and Allen key.

The depth adjustments can be made swiftly and effortlessly up to a maximum of 2 inches, combining a full-size circular saw performance with the convenience of a handheld device.


Made for lumber

It has excellent depth-of-cut for slicing up to 2″ stock lumber and it cuts 2x4s in a single pass. It also cuts metal, tile, and plastic and if you are planning to make lots of long accurate cuts, then we suggest you upgrade to a larger capacity.

However, if you are planning to do some overhead work in small spaces, then this device may be your best tool selection and it should work fine for cutting plywood.


Left-sided blade optimization

Left-sided blade optimization provides you with a clear line of sight on anything you’re cutting and it is fairly light, so you can operate it with one hand.

cuts in a single pass

That weight also enables you to make more precise and accurate cuts and work longer with less fatigue.

If you require an additional battery charger, you can purchase the Worx WA3742 3 to 5 Hour Charger for 20V Lithium Ion Batteries with the tool as it charges batteries swiftly which means you can get on with your projects faster.


Portable design

At 4-1/2”, and only half the weight of a full 7-1/4” circular saw, you get offered portability without having to sacrifice power. The thinner blade allows for less strain on the tool, so it can work effectively.

included in the WORX WORXSAW Compact Circular Saw

Furthermore, every saws ship complete with an extensive three-year warranty from the manufacturer so this is certainly an impressive guarantee for a tool available at such a low price.


Easy blade change

Firstly, unplug the Worxsaw cordless circular saw, then a simple 3-step process follows with just a push of a button and a turn of an Allen key, and you have a fresh, new blade.

The dust port enables you to hook up your shop vac so it can pull sawdust and debris right out of the air as you work. And the integrated safety trigger prohibits accidental cutting.

Pros & Cons

  • Quick adjustment
  • Cost-effective tool
  • Easy-to-use bevel adjustment lever
  • Vibration-absorbing handle
  • May be underpowered for some



The tool is perfect for everyday projects and DIY around the home as it’s been designed to deal with a variety of materials effortlessly. For the price, the WORX WORXSAW 4-1/2 Compact Circular Saw is worth considering.

As long as you keep in mind that it is just an inexpensive, light-duty circular saw, it will definitely be one of your favorite tool purchases.

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